Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to help your muscles and joints work to their full potential. It can help repair damage by speeding up the healing process and reducing pain and stiffness.

Physiotherapists can address sports injuries as well as conditions ranging from arthritis, back and neck pain, including whiplash to chronic injuries such as repetitive strain injury (RSI).

  • Stuart Pavely PhD

    Honorary Clinical Lecturer, University of Sydney
    APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist
    Principal Physiotherapist

    Sydney Uni   Bond St CBD

    I am an APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist and have been lead Physio at the Sports Clinic at the University of Sydney for over 10 years. During my 26 years as a Physio, 12 years have been with full time professional sports teams across 3 continents.

    These include Sheffield Utd FC (UK) , NSW Waratahs, Junior Wallabies (Aus) and Ricoh Black Rams (Japan). I enjoy all sports and musculoskeletal injuries and am intrigued by movement skills.

    I completed a PhD in 2012 and am an Honorary clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney.

    Positions held with sporting teams

    • Sydney Flames Basketball 2017- current
    • Super IV select team v Wallabies Lead Physiotherapist 2018
    • Sydney Stars Physiotherapist Rugby NRC Championship 2014
    • World Universities Rugby Lead Physiotherapist 2013
    • 2008-2011 Physiotherapist and movement skills coach Ricoh Black Rams Rugby Union
    • 2005 Physiotherapist Australia Under 21’s Rugby Union
    • 2003-2008 Physiotherapist NSW Waratahs
    • 2001-2005 Physiotherapist Sydney University Football Club
    • 1997-1999 Physiotherapist Sheffield United Football Club
    • 1993-1994 Massage therapist Oldham Athletic Football Club


    Pavely S, Adams RD, Di Francesco T, Larkham S, Maher CG. Bilateral clearance punt kicking in rugby union: effects of hand used for ball delivery. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, Volume 10, Number 2, August 2010 , pp. 187-196(10)

    Pavely S, Adams RD, Di Francesco T, Larkham S, Maher CG. Execution and outcome differences between passes to the left and right made by first-grade rugby union players. Phys Ther Sport. 2009 Nov;10(4):136-41.

    Stuart Pavely - Principal Physiotherapist
    1. Stuart Pavely
  • George Guyatt


    Sydney Uni

    George completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Human Movement in 2012 which led him into a Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University. Since graduating from the Masters degree in 2014 he has had experience working for multiple years in private practice.

    In between study and work, he has always been heavily involved in Rugby Union. Playing rugby for 17 years as well as other sports as a junior athlete, led to him developing a significant interest in working with sports people and assisting them in their rehabilitation from injury. He has recently started working with the Sydney University Colts rugby teams.

    He is particularly interested in rehabilitating tendon pathologies and knee injuries in the sporting and general population. He feels that creating awareness and educating patients on their injury management is the key to successful rehabilitation in combination with targeted and effective exercise prescription.

    Outside of the clinic George enjoys a very average round of golf and getting down to the beach for a surf.

    George Guyatt - Physiotherapist
    2. George Guyatt
  • Lizzy Donnelly


    Sydney Uni   Bond St CBD

    Lizzy Donnelly graduated from Brunel University in London in 2013. She has experience working in London for the National Health Service and within the private sector. Lizzy moved from the UK to Sydney in November 2017 to experience the Aussie way of life.

    Lizzy is very passionate about running and treating all running or sprinting injuries. Her background is predominately in Athletics as well as soccer and cycling. She has worked with a range of athletes and previously ran hydrotherapy classes to help patients recover from their injuries.

    Lizzy has also worked for Hammersmith and Fulham Rugby club delivering pitch side assistance and treating acute sports injuries. She has now taken over the Men’s U18, U20 and senior men’s soccer team.

    Outside of the clinical setting Lizzy plays soccer, runs, cycles and does yoga. She is passionate about health promotion and believes everyone should be able to experience the benefits for exercise both physically and mentally.

    Lizzy Donnelly - Physiotherapist
    3. Lizzy Donnelly
  • Chris Russell


    Sydney Uni

    Chris Russell graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science (rehabilitation) from Charles Sturt University in 2013, before going on the complete a Master of Physiotherapy at Sydney University. After graduation Chris worked in the public health system at both Manly and Mona Vale Hospital where he completed the new graduate program. He is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy via La Trobe University.

    Chris has always had an invested interest in sport, in particular rugby, cricket, cycling and running. This has resulted in him developing a passion for working with people to rehabilitate their injuries and optimise their physical capabilities. He has worked with the Sydney University cricket, rowing, women’s NPL soccer teams whilst is currently assisting the Sydney University Rugby Colts.

    Chris has a specific interest in running related injuries and tendon pathologies. Chris believes one of the keys to successful rehabilitation is appropriate patient education along with individualised exercise prescription.

    Chris Russell - Physiotherapist
    4. Chris Russell
  • Rowan Evans


    Sydney Uni

    Rowan Evans graduated a Masters of Physiotherapy from Sydney University in 2017. He has since worked for a range of sporting teams including the Junior Waratahs Academy. Rowan takes a personal interest in competing in Ultra Marathons.

    Chris Russell - Physiotherapist
    5. Rowan Evans