Richard Windybank

Sports Podiatrist

Richard Windybank is a Sports Podiatrist who offers advice on foot and lower leg injuries. Richard graduated as a Podiatrist in 1995, and has subsequently gained a Masters in Exercise & Sport Science. He has worked at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre since 2001, and at The Sports Clinic at Sydney University since 1997.

Richard has expert knowledge in the running athlete, and footwear. This interest has manifested in his involvement with Running Science – a specialty running shoe store providing advice on foot type specific shoes. Other interests include forefoot biomechanics and their role in lower limb injuries.

Richard consults to the Waratahs and Wallabies Rugby, and The Sydney Kings, and Sydney Flames in basketball. A strong background in running injuries sees him treat NSW track and field athletes, as well a huge number of recreational runners.

Richard does treat people of all ages and activity levels. Richard is involved in providing Podiatry education to the Sports Physiotherapy Group, and The Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians on a regular basis. Richard has always preferred to work in a multidisciplinary environment in order to get his patients the best all round treatment.

Richard Windybank - Sports Podiatrist