Exercise physiologists are experts in the field of health and fitness. The exercise physiologists of Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology excel in exercise interventions in areas ranging from chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, to improving sporting performance in semi-elite/elite athletes. The exercise physiologist also provide functional return to work programs.

Exercise physiologists run fitness assessments and generate individualised exercise programs to meet the needs of the clients goals.

They can assist with weight loss and management by collaborating with dietitians to develop the most suitable and individualised lifestyle/weight loss program for each client.

Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology have experience in creating exercise programs for the gym, fitness centres, home based exercise programs, swimming pools, and programs aimed at improving functional capacity.

  • Chris Pappas

    Exercise Physiologist - Sports Scientist - Performance Coach

    Chris is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist with Exercise and Sport Science Australia. He has a keen interest and vast experience in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, injury prevention, strength and conditioning programs, athletic development and VO2Max testing. He has previously lectured at Australian Catholic University for the Masters of Exercise Physiology as well as presenting for Sports Medicine Australia, Sydney University, Australian Physiotherapy Association and The Australian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians. Chris has contributed to articles for Men's Health, The Sydney Morning Herald and is often called upon as an Independent Expert for complex legal matters.

    Chris' extensive work experience includes consulting for Cricket NSW, Football NSW, working with National Rugby League and NSW Cup players, National level Track and Field athletes, as well as professional Mixed Martial Artists. In addition, he has vast experience in the long term athletic development of younger athletes, preparing footballers for trials with clubs in Europe's top leagues. He has a passion for delivering the latest science to improve movement, strength, mobility and performance.


    • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
    • Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology
    • Accredited Exercise Physiologist
    • Accredited Sports Scientist
    • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach
    • EXOS Performance Specialist

    Chris Pappas - Exercise Physiologist - Sports Scientist - Performance Coach
    1. Chris Pappas
  • Mitchell Van Noort

    Exercise Physiologist

    Mitch is an accredited Exercise Physiologist who has athletic experience in rugby, touch football, athletics, soccer and snow sports. He currently keeps himself fit through athletic interests in Olympic weightlifting, endurance sports, track and field.

    His passion for helping his clients lies in using an individualised scientific approach to rehabilitate and manage musculoskeletal injuries, disease specific lifestyle interventions, strength and conditioning.

    Mitchell has experience working within a strength and conditioning facility across a range of fields predominantly in; musculoskeletal rehabilitation, athlete testing, S&C program development, chronic pain and complex case management. Mitch has coaching experience across olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and powerlifting. Mitch has worked in collaboration with strength and conditioning coaches and other allied health professionals to achieve client goals.

    Mitch’s passion lies in optimising the performance of his clients, specifically tailoring his exercise treatment to the management of complex chronic disease management, development of athletes, musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation and return to sport rehabilitation.

    Mitch provides a holistic approach to his treatment in providing solutions for physical, social and mental barriers to rehabilitation. This can be seen through his scientific based approach and his development of achievable functional goals to allow clients to return to work, sport or recreational activities as soon as their injury will allow.


    • Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology ACU
    • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science ACU
    • Certificate 4 in Personal Training
    • Certificate 3 in Fitness

    Mitchell Van Noort - Exercise Physiologist
    2. Mitchell Van Noort
  • Matt Hogan

    Exercise Physiologist

    In his time as an Exercise Physiologist, Matt has spent most of that time living and working in Canberra, gaining valuable experience in injury rehabilitation, biomechanics and strength and conditioning, before coming home to Sydney. From this, he has built a wealth of knowledge working in private practice with people of all backgrounds but has also had the chance to work with many different professional sporting teams and athletes from all different countries and sporting codes.  

    These opportunities help guide Matt in how he practices today, with his aim to provide the level of care and attention he would give to a professional athlete, to anyone he treats. Whether it be chronic health conditions, work-related injury or disability conditions, just to name a few, he believes everyone is deserving of the same level of detail in their care. Aside from sport, Matt takes special interest in neurological or spinal cord conditions, finding that treating these conditions to be challenging but extremely rewarding work.

    Matt has been involved in many different sports, such as Cricket, Track & Field, as well as playing and working in Rugby League, to name a few, as a part of their strength, conditioning, and rehab programs. He also still assists in biomechanical testing which assesses athlete return to play measures to help in ensuring a safe and effective return to competition. Having experience across these different areas has shaped how Matt treats, focusing on adapting treatment to the specific needs and goals of whoever he may be working with to ensure safe and effective movement.

    Matt Hogan - Exercise Physiologist
    3. Matt Hogan