Dr Masi Njawaya

Sport, Exercise & Lifestyle Physician


“It takes more than an apple a day to optimise your health. Let’s make your success healthy and happy”.

I am a dual Specialist Sport, Exercise & Lifestyle Medicine Physician. I am a medically trained doctor with skills in 2 areas of Medicine. I have undertaken extensive specialist training to become a Sport & Exercise Physician. I then decided to build upon this by training as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

Lifestyle Medicine training enhances my ability to strategically help you address other health behaviours that may hinder or sabotage your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. So you benefit from more in-depth holistic care that focuses on all aspects of your individual self, not just your injury or illness, if you have one. Lifestyle Medicine is a genuine treatment approach used by doctors. In the past, we have dedicated more time to prescribing medications rather than delving deep down into human behaviours and modifying those behaviours that can be changed.

I use a lifestyle-based approach alongside “conventional/ usual medical care” for the management of injuries, treatment of illnesses or improvements in health for those who just want to optimise their health & wellness. I understand that we are all unique individuals, and this holistic approach is not for everyone. For those who prefer an injury-focused approach without the bells and whistles, that option is available. Please specify on booking or during the consultation.

What do I need to bring to the consultation?

  • A referral letter from your GP or referring practitioner.
  • Any relevant investigations & imaging.
  • A pair of shorts
  • Your regular exercise and sporting shoes (if you are presenting with any lower limb injuries).