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Stuart Pavely PhD

Stuart Pavely
Originally from Gloucestershire in England’s south west, Stuart trained at the University of the Manchester in the early 1990’s following a sports science degree at the University of Northumbria.

During his Student days, he was massage therapist for Oldham Athletic Football Club in the English Premier League (EPL) and later as Physiotherapist to Sheffield United Football Club in the English Championship League.

In late 1999 Stuart emigrated to Australia and was appointed physiotherapist to Sydney University Football club (2001-2004) and later NSW Waratahs (2003-2008). Before returning to The Sports Clinic at Sydney University in 2011 he was physiotherapist and movement skills coach for Ricoh Black Rams Rugby team in the Japanese Top League.

In 2012 Stuart was awarded his PhD in physiotherapy and motor control in Rugby Union. He is currently co-supervisor of 2 honours projects being undertaken through the University of Sydney.

Positions held with sporting teams

1993-1994 Massage therapist Oldham Athletic Football Club
1997-1999 Physiotherapist Sheffield United Football Club
2001-2005 Physiotherapist Sydney University Football Club
2003-2008 Physiotherapist NSW Waratahs
2005 Physiotherapist Australia Under 21’s Rugby union
2008-2011 Physiotherapist and movement skills coach Ricoh Black Rams Rugby Union


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Pavely S, Adams RD, Di Francesco T, Larkham S, Maher CG. Execution and outcome differences between passes to the left and right made by first-grade rugby union players. Phys Ther Sport. 2009 Nov;10(4):136-41.